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Murat Ergin has graduated from Yildiz Technical University, completed department name is Surveying & Land Management Engineering. 

After university, who decided to go on career on the real estate sector. This reason provided to achieve a master (postgraduate) degree on real estate financing and valuation from Marmara University, social science of institute.

Real estate and engineering career has opened very wide working area in the Turkey and Europe. For this process, has been completed some accreditations and certifications. That proficiencies are

  • Real Estate Valuation and Assessment Licence,

  • Senior Property Trainer Licence,

  • Real Estate Developer and Consultant Licence,

  • UK (RICS) Valuation Practicer Certificate and the more 

Murat Ergin proficiency topics have been listed

  • Real Estate Law and the Relevant Regulations (Turkey)

  • Insurance System in the Property Sector

  • Land Improvement and the Best Usage Calculate

  • Better Solution Research for to All Investors

  • Market Analysis and Doing Great Report for Customers

  • Tax Regulations

  • The position in the Accounting System

Some Photos from Real Estate Seminars, Workshops and Educations