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Turkey is A Dream, Do you know that?

Turkey is a very extended area for investor where is located the center of the world. That is nearest to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Far East continent.  All region of Turkey includes great history and perfect areas for visiting and living. There are lots of reasons to buy a property form this perfect…

Money Most of Time Can Be More Crucial Factor Against to Create Regular Cities

Why the most of fabulous creators or authors have inspired from New York, Miami or the same cities ? These people are given more creative aspects by that cities. Why? Actually, everything is open clearly, good construction system – enough parking lots – regular parcel design – certificated professional – perfect infrastructure and the more. Another third world…

To Understand Challenges of New Investment in Current World

Why?  Should we attend new action in the unbalanced world? If it is relevant to the real estate market, absolutely not get inside this way. Actually, there are lots of reasons to avoid that area. My mind wanna demonstrate something about it but, which one is our priority I don’t know then, I have decided to…

Non Transparent Real Estate Market Causes Fundamental Issue in Turkey

This writing has been designed by Murat ERGIN Transparency is crucial point for every sector such as bank transactions, real estate market, business relationship and the more. In addition to this, corruption and the same actions cause to damage on the sector which needs transparent transactions and regulations. Some advices have been given and knowing…