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Latest Assessment About Turkey Real Estate Market

Last reduction of interest rates provide some opportunities to small and big investors. Former time, economic conditions did not suitable for buying or selling a new house for domestic people. Especially, economic grown and positive aspect to the future to build a good impact on market players.

There are lots of reasons to buy a property in Turkey Market. Initiative reason is CHEAP. If you compare Turkey’s real estate market price with Europe or the USA, you can see difference.

The average flat price in downtown İstanbul, approximately is 100 k USD but in Europe or  New York city that price can be 1 million USD. Turkey’s market extremely cheapest against other developed markets.

Another crucial point is to determine the right location and kind of property. Fundemantely there are three kinds of properties in the market. 

  • Land-Plot

  • Residential

  • Commercial  

Before the investment, be careful, you should evaluate all steps to do investment. Working with a professional provides location analysis, value determination, technical statement position and to find all questions in your mind.

Most investors prefer to professional supports from real estate appraisers. Because, in an assessment report demonstrates all features of your property. You can check the appraisal firm list from the official website.



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