Non Transparent Real Estate Market Causes Fundamental Issue in Turkey

This writing has been designed by Murat ERGIN

Transparency is crucial point for every sector such as bank transactions, real estate market, business relationship and the more. In addition to this, corruption and the same actions cause to damage on the sector which needs transparent transactions and regulations. Some advices have been given and knowing from everyone case studies are tried to introduce for readers.

First of all, basic informative knowlegde has been given below; TKGM (Land Registery and Cadastre Department) organization chart and projects demonstrate Turkey real estate market position in the world.


Some projects from land registry and cadastre organization’s listed below;

  • Land Registery and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS)

  • Automation of Land Registry Archives

  • Cadastre Renewal Project

  • Completion of Establishment Cadastre

  • Land Registry and Cadastre Modernization Project

  • National Geographic Information System

Now, we should return back our main topic, that is relevant not to be transparency in real estate sector. Property value system consists of lots of sections such as tax value, expertise value, mortgage value, market value, hustle value, recovery value etc. In this system relevant departments need to create flexible and transparent system for getting true value for all participants in the real estate sector.

This actions prevents irregular changeable value that provides more opportunities to transparent market. For this reason, we should create regional value map and geographical information system. That systems cause to reach true value.

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