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Turkey is A Dream, Do you know that?

Mergin Danışmanlık ve Gayrimenkul Varlık Yönetimi

Turkey is A Dream, Do you know that?

Turkey is a very extended area for investor where is located the center of the world.

That is nearest to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Far East continent. 

All region of Turkey includes great history and perfect areas for visiting and living. There are lots of reasons to buy a property form this perfect country where has very low prices flats and commercial real estate. My opinion, you can choose new construction and new settlement areas.

Climate and weather conditions are another crucial point to acquire a property.  At the same time, four seasons are living in that country. Mediterranean region is mostly living hot and warm weather conditions, black sea region is rainy and cool, east side of  Turkey is sometimes cool and frozen. For all these reasons, preferring an area is so important for your lifestyle.  Whatever you choose, Turkey is the best option for investment.


Black Sea Region

Marmara Region

Aegean Region

Mediterranean Region

Central Anatolia Region

Eastern Anatolia Region

Southeastern Anatolia Region




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